Heavy Storms in Memphis

Message from Rob Jolly, September 2, 2017—

Please stop paying lots of money to fix leaks from the recent Memphis storm. If you have a brick wall above or near your leak, it is the mortar and bricks that are leaking. I have been out trying to explain to many folks that they do not have a roofing problem (there’s a small chance, but not likely with as much rain as we got here). I have heard reports that roofers are smearing tar and/or silicone on the flashing on these walls and shingles. You shouldn’t ever use silicone on shingles because its acid base will deteriorate them. I have heard some are charging upwards of $700-$1,500 for these repairs which will only make the leaks worse.

Instead, please just take a breath and let everything dry out. If it still leaks when there is a small or average amount of rain, that will be the time to call a reputable roofer. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call and speak to me personally. Thank you!